Puppy adoptions

Dad turns into puddle of tears after receiving new puppy
They got their fluffy, four-legged friend from breeder Fern Flett of Bichon Lovers in Ontario.


Puppy waiting list started for summer, Fall & Winter 2019

To receive a puppy information pack and lots of referrals email  bichonlovers@sympatico.ca
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4 girls 2 boys born on Mother’s Day May 12/19 All adopted

Girl #1 Megan (Cheektowaga, Ny) adopted

Girl #2 Carolynn (London) adopted
Girl #3 Liliana & Joseph (Maple) adopted
Girl #4 Onna (Burlington) adopted
Boy #1 Sharlene & Eugene (Wyandotte MI) adopted
Boy #2 Carol (Hamilton) adopted

Girl # 1 Karla (Fairview PA United States)
Boy #1 Lynda (Dundas)
Boy #2 Emily (Brampton)

NEXT LITTER born July 21/19 available September 14/19
Boy # 1 Al & Deb (Prince George, BC)
Boy # 2 Nirali (Richmond Hill)
Girl # 1 Janet (London)
Girl # 2 Russ & Robyn (Toronto)
Girl # 3 Jenanne &Paul (Kitchener)

Fall 2019 …NEW LITTER expecting to be born around September 20 2019 ❤️
Boy #1 Cherie and Charles (Cheektowaga NY)
Boy #2 Guylaine (Simcoe)

Girl #3 Kristen and Ryan (Toronto)

Waiting list started for spring or summer 2020
Girl Marie
Girl Lisa
Girl #3 Othon
Boy #1 Natasha
Boy #2 Darrin & Ruby
Boy # 3 Jessica
Boy # 4 Farid
Mike And Heather (Mayville, NY)
Fall 2020 …To be announced when waiting list starts

Winter 2020/2021…To be announced when waiting list starts

Ready for adoption at 8 weeks old
$250 non – refundable deposit required to be on Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list.
Deposit can be held up to two calendar years or till we are no longer able to breed
Petunia  album (all adopted)

Nevada's  album (all adopted)

  The following reviews from very happy puppy owners!!!
                             Marc Gelman, July 25, 2017
Toronto, Ontario


Extremely knowledgeable and informative, Fern and David at Bichon Lovers helped us in our decision to add our
fantastic bichon frise, Freddie, to our family.
Since the day that we brought Freddie home, he has been a happy, healthy dog that has been an absolute joy to share our lives with.
I highly recommend Bichon Lovers to anyone that is interested in this fun and loveable breed.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Judy Martin  Hamilton, Ontario May 14, 2016

Excellent breeder! Space where she keeps the puppies and Moms was immaculate. She cares about every puppy like it was her own child! Provides follow up advice even after puppy goes to new home. My dog is 11 years old now. He has had no significant health or behaviour issues. He is good with children and has been my constant companion.


Pam German

November 16, 2017   This has been a wonderful experience; Fern and David kept us involved from pregnancy through until the puppies came home with pics, videos, and information...they are extremely well organized and the home environment for these bichons is pristine. Fern and David are knowledgeable, friendly, and experience

Louis in his new holiday haircut! He now ways 9.7 lbs and has all his adult teeth! Dec.10/18
Fern and David of Bichon Lovers are truly amazing people and breed amazing dogs. Their puppy rearing gives their dogs such an excellent healthy foundation from which to grow in to strong and healthy dogs. I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Bichon. Jennifer Wittig November 2018

Janet Sharratt
Happy 7th birthday to our boy, Timmie!

Fern Klapman-Flett Janet time goes past way too fast!
Fern Klapman-Flett
Fern Klapman-Flett Janet I remember the day you picked him up like it was yesterday! David and I so enjoyed your visit with your family.

Janet Sharratt
Janet Sharratt Fern Klapman-Flett I will never forgot that day ever. Although my husband was very upset that I ended up coming home with a dog when I was only supposed to be "looking", it turned out the best decision I have ever made. Knowing Timmie now, I just can't imagine if someone else had got him before me, as he is just one gem of a dog and so smart!

Fern Klapman-Flett
Fern Klapman-Flett Janet I remember that and I think it was your daughter that talked you into taking him that day.

Fern Klapman-Flett
Fern Klapman-Flett I also remember once you cuddled with Timmie it didn't take much to convince you to take him.

Janet Sharratt
Janet Sharratt Fern Klapman-Flett - yes it was and she was the first to see Timmie hiding under a piece of furniture as he was so timid. When she pulled him out and started cuddling him she just said mom this is the one and you need to get him today! God bless Breanne!

Janet Sharratt
Janet Sharratt He also is the most gentle dog I have ever owned. You can take things out of his mouth and he won't fight you, he takes treats out of your hand ever so gently and never bites or growls at anyone. He is the epitome of a "perfect dog"! I will probably never own another like him!


Many years of memories blast from the past part 2 ...

Bichon Lovers wonderful puppy owners and their puppies

Rediscover this day

Bichon Lovers Slide Show

A Tuesday afternoon in Langton

A wonderful day to pick up our puppies

Love from David and I and the gang at Bichon Lovers

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$250 non - refundable deposit required to be on 
deposit can be held up to two calendar years or till we are no longer able to breed dogs. 
Please call for details 519-875-1482
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To receive a puppy information pack and lots of referrals email  bichonlovers@sympatico.ca


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