Puppy adoptions

NATURAL REARING BICHON PUPPIES***** WHAT IS NATURAL REARING ? Dad turns into puddle of tears after receiving new puppy They got their fluffy, four-legged friend from breeder Fern Flett of Bichon Lovers in Ontario. Right away, they knew he was the one PERSONALITY PLUS... NATURALLY REARED PUPS  ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Puppy waiting list started for summer, Fall & Winter 2019 To receive a puppy information pack and lots of referrals email     For the newest up to date puppy's available also visit our  ADOPTION PAGE   4 girls 2 boys born on Mother’s Day May 12/19 All adopted Girl #1 Megan (Cheektowaga, Ny) adopted Girl #2 Carolynn (London) adopted Girl #3 Liliana & Joseph (Maple) adopted Girl #4 Onna (Burlington) adopted Boy #1 Sharlene & Eugene (Wyandotte MI) adopted Boy #2 Carol (Hamilton) adopted NEW LITTER BORN JULY 13/19  (TWO GIRLS AVALABLE NOW)   Girl # 1 Karla (Fairview PA United States) Girl # 2 AVAILABL